Tuesday, July 2, 2013

aircraft window / photo frame

The idea of using aircraft windows as frames for photos is a bit older. The first time I saw this photo frames was a few months ago. I think it is a perfect idea if you are a bit aircraft addicted. Today I searched for some pictures for my wall in my flat and I remembered this window frames. Because I dont want to buy this frames, (they are also a bit expensive) I have to create my own "aircraft window frames". Here is the result. CAD is done, so the next step is to print them in 3D and the wall in my livingroom is not so empty anymore.


  1. Hello Patrick,

    This is a great idea and something i have never seen before. Its great to see you are still producing your own physical products based on your own designs.

    The seat designs you've done below looks super cool. I especially like the storage rack under each seat. Great designing as usual!

    Best wishes!