Monday, April 8, 2013

Aircraft Interior

Here are some new blog updates to my aircraft interior design project. I continued working on it since a few days. I hope i can show you soon some more details, different perspectives and the right light integration. Soon more.


  1. Hello Patrick.

    Your work is looking fantastic as always. Good to see you are still continuing with the projects! I hope your job as an Interior Designer is going well. I look forward to seeing more updates :D

    Hopefully this year i will visit Germany as i will finish university soon! So i will be able to take some time to see your Kollabo gallery!

    Best wishes from the UK!


  2. hey mel,

    nice to hear from you again. thanks fpr your kind words. i am very motivated to continue creating.

    thats nice to hear that you will graduate this year, you have already a topic for your final degree work? i am sad to tell you, but there will be no more kollabo gallery soon... but of course i hope you will enjoy your stay.

    send you many greetings.


    1. Im glad you are motivated to continue pushing yourself and being creative. Yes my topic is based around creating transportation for the Inuits (eskimos) who live in the Arctic. Soon i will publish some work related to it on my blog, but for now i cannot.

      Its sad there will be no more Kollabo, but i hope a new creative venture will open for you so you can continue to broaden your creativity!

      Take care! All the best!