Wednesday, February 15, 2012

broccoli mold

The Broccoli reproduction process arrived the next stange. I started to build an silicone mold today. All you have to do, is to fix the figure (with wax) and build a little box around it, than you fill it with the liquid silicone. To get the air out of the silicone you have to put the box in a vacuum chamber, let it get hard and cut the figure out with a scalpel.

I filled the empty mold with wax, because i want to produce figures out of aluminim.

As you see i got this blue zombie broccoli out of the mold, but it´s the second firgure so what ever... But i wouldn´t get so fast to the results without the help of my friend Helena, thank you so much, you gonna be a super good jewelery designer.


  1. Maybe u can use this molde for do a real zombie brocoli! sure with paint will look awesome!!! :D

  2. maybe, i mean often the best ideas come out of mistakes...