Sunday, March 22, 2015

Colorful Skull Painting

This weekend I stared my next painting. This time I want to include a skull again and transform it into a colerful expolsion. Have a nice sunday. More soon

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

3D Painting

Finally finished my first painting for this year. I took me quite a while to paint all of those different triangles. Combined with glossiness and matte, they seem to be in three dimensional layers.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Man Tattoo Truck Peter Maffay Tour 2015

Yesterday was the last day of Peter Maffays "Wenn das so ist" Tour 2015. 20 Concerts in 30 days sounds like a very tough Tour, but the crew was supportet by 13 MAN TGX Trucks, including the six Man Tattoo Trucks. My lucky number since always is 13, so it made me very happy to see that my truck got the number 13. Soon those trucks will go on auction and the money will go to the "Tabaluga foundation". More soon, have a nice valentines day.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

three dimensional painting


Those are some details of my new chimera painting. It is still in progress but you can see already the effect I wanted to get. The contrast of glossy and matte and the overlaying skull patterns create a three dimensional optic. I can wait to see the result and share it with you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Peter Maffay Tour 2015 MAN Tattoo Truck

Photos by Lars Pollety
The MAN Tattoo Truck I designed is currently in Frankfurt, supporting Peter Maffay with his Tour. It´s the first time I see the Truck with a trailer. I like it, perfect would be combination of Truck and Trailer design. Maybe next time :-) Thank you very much for this super cool photos Lars Pollety.

Chimera Painting

This will be my first painting in 2015. This is the first time paint from a sketch. I am going to try out new form and color combinations. Similar to the Truck, I want to continue with this "chimera" style. Soon more. Have a nice Weekend.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Peter Maffay "Wenn das so ist" Tour 2015

Peter Maffay´s Rock Tour "Wenn das so ist" started this week. The first concert was in Hamburg in the O2 Area. He will have 20 Concerts in the next 30 days. The six painted MAN Tattoo Tour Trucks will help him and his crew to carry the equipment through germany.

Here you can see a short video of him driving my Tattoo Truck. Seen on Sat 1 / Frühstücksfernsehen.

Here is his Tourplan, maybe you can see the Trucks soon driving through your city.

15.01.2015 Hamburg, o2 World                      
16.01.2015 Dortmund, Westfalenhalle          
17.01.2015 Köln, LANXESS arena                    
20.01.2015 Frankfurt a. M., Festhalle            
21.01.2015 Frankfurt a. M., Festhalle            
23.01.2015 Mannheim, SAP Arena                  
24.01.2015 Stuttgart, H.M.-Schleyer-Halle    
25.01.2015 Trier, Arena Trier                          
28.01.2015 Leipzig, Arena Leipzig                  
30.01.2015 München, Olympiahalle              
02.02.2015 Kempten, bigBOX Allgäu                
03.02.2015 Nürnberg, Arena Nürnb. Vers.    
05.02.2015 Erfurt, Messe Erfurt (Halle 1)      
06.02.2015 Riesa, Erdgas Arena                    
07.02.2015 Berlin, o2 World                          
08.02.2015 Rostock, Stadthalle                                                    
10.02.2015 Hannover, TUI Arena                  
12.02.2015 Halle Westf., Gerry Weber Sta.    
13.02.2015 Bremen, ÖVB Arena                    
03.06.2015 Zürich, Hallenstadion

Monday, December 22, 2014

Dein Fahrzeug als fahrendes Kunstwerk?

Hi, Ich habe ein paar Neuigkeiten.
Während der MAN Tattoo Truck Vorstellung im August hatte ich die Chance Walter Maurer kennenzulernen. Herr Maurer ist eine Legende wenn es um Fahrzeuglackierungen geht. Er und sein Team haben nicht nur die MAN Trucks lackiert, er hat auch viele Entwürfe der Künstler wie Warhol, Stella oder Lichtenstein auf die BMW Art Cars umgesetzt.

Ich habe ihn in seinem Studio in der nähe von München getroffen und wir haben uns sehr gut verstanden. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von seinen Kunstwerken und seiner Arbeit. Herr Maurer ist Künstler und Lackierer und spezialisiert darin die Entwürfe maßstabsgetreu auf komplexe Fahrzeuggeometrien zu übertragen. Wir planen momentan für nächstes Jahr eine Ausstellung zusammen. (Oldtimerfabrik Neu Ulm, viertes Quartal).

Wir planen aber auch noch ein weiteres, sehr einzigartiges Projekt. Wir suchen einen Kunden, dessen Fahrzeug wir in ein fahrendes Kunstwerk verwandeln wollen. Ich mache ein maßgeschneidertes Design für den Wagen und Herr Maurer und sein Team aus Spezialisten wird es lackieren. Bist du daran interessiert? Kennst jemanden der Interesse haben könnte? Dies ist eine einzigartige Chance...

Unofficial BMW Art Car by Walter Maurer / Photo by Maurjuli

MAN Tattoo Truck by Patrick Leyendecker

Your car as a piece of art?

Hey, I have an announcement to make.

Last August I had the chance to get to know Mr. Walter Maurer during the award ceremony of the MAN Tattoo Trucks competition. Mr. Maurer is a legend when it comes to painting official and unofficial Art Cars; he and his team painted the MAN Tattoo Trucks, and he was also the artistic partner of BMW Art Cars from renowned artists such as Warhol, Stella and Lichtenstein.

I met him again at his studio in Munich and was amazed by the variety and quality of his work; aside of being commissioned to paint for other artists, Mr.Maurer has produced many artworks of his own. We got along very well and we are planing an exhibition together in the fourth quarter of 2015. 

We will also work together in a very unique project that I would like to introduce to you. We are looking for a costumer who is interested on having his own car as a piece of art. I would make the design and Mr. Maurer and his team of experts would be in charge of painting it.
Are you interested or know someone who is? This is a very unique chance...

Unofficial BMW Art Car by Walter Maurer / Photo by Maurjuli
MAN Tattoo Truck by Patrick Leyendecker

Friday, December 5, 2014

Impressions ART Exhibition

Impressions for my upcoming ART Exhibition. 14 paintings on glass.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cars and Art Exhibition

This weekend I have an Art Exhibition at the "Oldtimer Fabrik" in Neu Ulm
(saturday from 2 pm - 9 pm, sunday from 10 am - 6 pm.)

Today I prepared my paintings so I can fix them on the glass surface,....yes glass. I took a while to find a good way to hang them (no cord;-)

It´s somehow an interesting contrast. Modern vs. Classic, my paintings on the long glass garage and the beautiful classic cars in the back. More photos soon.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Graphic lines painting

Two more week to go for my next exhibition. The exhibition will be in the "Oltimer Farbik" in Neu Ulm. Surrounded by beautiful classic cars I will present some of my paintings. If you are around, step by and say hallo. It will be the and of dezember. Have a good weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Peter Maffay Tour 2015 / Wenn das so ist


Peter Maffay´s "Wenn das so ist Tour" starts soon. Supported by the MAN tattoo trucks, he will start his Tour the of January in Hamburg. The trucks will be standing in front of every concert hall. So if you want to see his show or the tattoo trucks, check out his homepage here.